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Beautiful Southern California Flight Locations

Lift off--a feeling like no other. Your senses are peaked as you break the bonds of mother earth and begin to float skyward. Rising above the landscape, you gaze across a beautiful view of the local landscape often consisting of vineyards, pastures, orchards, chaparral and wild life. The time really flies while you're aloft. Before you know it, your pilot brings you gently back once again to mother earth. Now that your feet are firmly back on the ground, The gentle giant that carried you aloft is packed away. Post flight ceremonies and celebration begin with special champagne and a unique brunch..


Dreams Unlimited offers both Sunrise and Sunset in various southland locations.    

All flight packages* include a Flight Certificate, Champagne and all the

Fresh Air

you could ask for.

Reservations Required -- Please Call for Current Rates

In Southern California: (800) 2 HOT AIR (468 247) or (760) 955 5549

*packages vary, depending on location, please call for Details 

Flight Locations



Palm Springs


Del Mar


Victorville/Apple Valley


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